Over the year I think my blog posts have improved very much. For one thing they are longer and have much more detail. I learned how to elaborate more to add character and imagery to the post.

Another thing I improved on is paragraphing. Paragraphing better helped me to organize my thoughts so my posts made more sense and had feeling of those thoughts.

Top picture is from October 17,2013. Bottom picture is from March 23,2014


7th Grade Reflection

I walked in thinking it would be a piece of cake–boy was I wrong.

I was sure the school work would be easy. It had been last year so why not this year? I mean I had heard that everything gets harder in seventh grade but I was oblivious to the thought. I was doing pretty good and that came to show when the first report card came around–check! Second report card–woohoo! But when the third report card rolled in I panicked a bit. I was getting what some might call summer brain, only way too early. The so called “easyness” I referred to earlier is now gone.

I think my parents were the hard and most confusing part. The whole “your better than this” talk and then switching to “we’ll never mind they’re your grades not mine.”–make up your minds! So when it was time for a new grading period I took both phrases in mind and got down to work. And now I’m crossing my fingers for the day they print.

Looking back on the year I learned that I have to work hard if I want a good outcome and I think that goes for later in life as well. I can’t just walk into something saying it will be easy, I need to try. Try and succeed.

Free Topic: Favorite Place To Escape

As you drive over the final mountain and see the big windmill a sudden joy rushes into you. The care free life of Lonehollow has just begun.

Most people like summer for swimming, no school, or sleeping in–don’t get me wrong those things are great! But Lonehollow is what I most look forward to in summer–it’s my escape. The beautiful green lake and the endless trails to adventure leave no sense of boredom. Even when it rains we have fun playing hide-and-go-stalk  in the lower deck of the silos.

My favorite thing to do is go sailing on the lake. I love to go right before lunchtime because the wind always seems to be the best–not to strong to capsize, and not to soft to not move. My friends and I all have certain job we love doing. I like working the rutter, my friend Ellie works the sail, and Megan mermaids and takes breaks to suntan up at the front.

I can’t wait to be back in my favorite place this summer!

Blogging Challenge 4 & 5: Media And A Memory

I’m not sure if it was the many different types of characters, the music, or the Mickey I was in love with–but it was a strong enough love that I watched it on repeat.

Fantasia was often the answer to my parents prayers when I couldn’t fall asleep. I was immediately silenced as I watched the little mouse with the pointy hat magically mop the floor. I would grow eager with Mickey as he tried to fulfill his dream of being a sorcerer. My eyes would grow wide as the evil horned creature’s darkness would creep over the small village, the music growing with the intensity.  Finally a light hearted part where I could giggle at the ballerina falling in love with the handsome soldier, the music having a flowy feeling.

And then somehow Mickey would know I needed to go to bed. The softest music would begin as he continued his sorcerer journey, my eyes growing heavy. The next thing I knew I would be awake in the morning ready to watch it again. On repeat it would go until my parents would try to put me to bed again–and of course the cycle repeated.

My Favorite Place To Go in Austin

The street buzzes with noise as you finally make it out of the big parking garage behind Guero’s Taco Bar. The hot afternoon sun hits you with a tingling sensation. This wonderful place is called South Congress.

South Congress is one of my favorite places to go in Austin. It’s a street full of amazing restaurants, cute shops and boutiques, a venue for music, and a bright green sign loved for pictures. If you go down to SoCo, you must be sure to make a day of it.  Starting with lunch. One of my favorite places to eat is Guero’s. I’ve been eating there since before I could say “taco”. It also has the venue for music and I love sitting outside with friends and dancing–while eating some Tex Mex of course!

Next I shop at Kendra Scott. The jewelry there is just the thing to make a girl smile. The earrings gleam from their holders and the custom bar whispers a purchase. The brightly painted walls add to the excitement of it all. The Toy Store is also very fun to go to, bringing back the memory of the time I accidentally took a finger puppet home forgetting it was on my finger. And apologizing–I was so embarrassed!

The perfect way to end the day is taking pictures in front of the big green sign that has the words “I love you so much” spray painted on it. It’s a cute picture to have of you and your friends. All smiles from the wonderful day. “Cheese!”

So if your ever in Austin that’s my favorite place to go! And it might be yours too! So check out the buzzing SoCo!

Below The Opera House

You walk in and feel a shiver up your back. It’s so dark, so cold, so–what’s the word?–lonely.

Water slowly drips, a distant echoing sound. In the corner a silent Phantom sits on a grand piano. The piano is almost broken and seems as old as time, yet there it sits still perfectly in tune. The room–as scary as it seems to you–is silent as if a pin could drop but it would sound like an elephant dancing. Cobwebs hang from the ceiling practically whispering abandonment.

The lake a few feet away doesn’t beckon a swim. More like please run away. Something stirs in the depths, probably the Phantom’s only companion. The color scheme is dark and mysterious–not welcoming to me.



Why Telluride Is A Great Place To Visit

    I love snow–I mean who doesn’t? It’s soft and pure and practically sparkles from the top of a ski lift.

Telluride, Colorado is a perfect place to be if you love snow. There are so many things to do whether your a snow lover or a ski lodge hermit. If you just want to play around you can sled, build snowman, hottub, and shop in the winter-style stores. If you want to take on a mountain you can ski, snowboard, and mountain trek. If you feel like being lazy the lodge is warm and always has hot chocolate. And if your mom isn’t the skiing type there’s a nice spa for her to relax in.

I love skiing the slopes and then eating a yummy dinner in town. I also love relaxing by the huge bonfire at the end of a long day.

So if you love snow-who doesn’t? Check out Telluride! I always have so much fun!

Why Flappy Bird Is A Hard Game

It starts in the App Store, where you first meet your game. And that game either becomes a good relationship or a bad one.

Flappy Bird– he deserves a medal for being so annoying. It really is almost impossible to fly through those evil green cylinders. And just when you think you’ve gotten through you smash the little birds scull against the cylinder and he dies. I can’t seem to focus long enough to get a high score either, that would be the cause of annoying sound affects. Kind of a deflated flying noise.

No wonder this guy is getting death threats. If I were him I would delete the game, save him the injuries.

I spoke too soon. I was just kidding–really. Please come back.


It starts with a sleepless night. The excitement refusing to rest. This is how I felt the night of January 27, the night before my birthday.

I got up that morning with a huge smile on my face. I was finally 13! After I had my delicious birthday breakfast I started to leave and my mom ran outside “WAIT, WAIT”, she called. “School is cancelled.” YES , I thought. I saw a movie and shopped and hung with friends. It was so fun!!

At the end of the day we did presents, the most exciting part of a birthday for most people. To top the day off I got what I most wanted, One Direction concert tickets. It truly was the best birthday EVER!!!



I lay in bed late one summer night, unable to sleep because of the pounding-the hard,annoying pounding-of rain. It’s always the loudest in my room. Since that wing of the house faces the direction the rain always seems to fall. It seemed to get harder and louder each second, the skies anger increasing.
Thunder–just to my luck, and then lightening to follow.

It was going to be a very long night.

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